Online Network Tools

Here we have some network tools for CountrybyIP, Current Location and DNS....


Programming Language Center(PLC), here you can find tutorials of all kind of programming languages, with there explanation, topics, syntax, examples. Languages like C, C++, JAVA, R, CSS, PHP, GO, PYTHON, JS, ANGULARJS...

Computer Network

This section contain study of "Computer Network" and different types of network devices and many more....


The dictionary defines the word network as “a group or system of interconnected people or things.” Similarly, in the computer world, the term network means two or more connected computers that can share resources such as data and applications, office machines, an Internet connection

Network Types
Network Architecture
Physical Media
Fiber Optic Cable
Cable Properties
Wiring Standards
Network Devices
Network Specialized Devices
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Programming Code Center(PCC), here you can find out all kind of programming examples with there output like C, C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS, PHP, GO, PYTHON, JS, ANGULARJS...

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Ethicak Hacking

Welcome, This Ethical hacking tutorials are designed for beginner. Those who are in initial stage of ethical hacking, this tutorials will explain you each and every point of hacking.

Hacking Tutorials

Here we have some famouse ethical hacking tutorials based on kali linux operating system. We covered WI-FI hacking, System hacking, Router hacking tutorials and many more...